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Our flexible, off-site delivery approach enabled Vitality to meet their goals in a way that best suited them.

UK’s market-leading health and life insurance providers, Vitality’s mission is to empower its members and enable them to develop long-term healthy habits. With plans to improve the Online Claims Form with new logic, Vitality wanted to deliver a better customer experience, but didn’t have the capacity internally to do so.

Our ability to work flexibly with clients meant Vitality could benefit from Redweb’s expertise without outsourcing the whole project. So while our developers took on the majority of the build, Vitality’s Delivery Manager and Product Owner regularly visited our office to work alongside our development team and make decisions collectively.

This set the standard for the project, with Redweb and Vitality acting as a single cohesive team to define sprints and evaluate the impact of any changes together. This transparency, honesty and shared expertise are what made the project such a success, with a previously telephone-based system now made digital – benefiting both Vitality and its customers.

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