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Crafting a large-scale campaign website that complements both online and offline activity

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We’ve been working with the Department for Education (DfE) for more than six years, delivering a wide range of projects and campaigns. One of the latest is a feature-rich, informative and sleek new site to support the refreshed ‘Your Future | Their Future’ brand that fronts the ‘Get Into Teaching’ campaign. The core aim of this Drupal design, build, content and strategy project is to provide an immersive experience that ties in with all of the campaign’s marketing activities – helping candidates at every stage of their transition into teaching. 

Screenshot of the login/profile facility available for aspiring teachers, showing drop down boxes

Building lasting relationships

The campaign is about much more than simply promoting teacher training to candidates. It provides a variety of ongoing support to assist prospective teachers as they make important career decisions and plan their applications. The help available ranges from a telephone advice service to the School Experience Programme, where prospective candidates can arrange placements in schools ahead of their training. To complement these services, the new site includes a login/profile facility that enables aspiring teachers to map their path into training. As candidates record their progress, integration with the campaign’s CRM means consultants can use that information to get in touch, providing helpful and relevant advice.

Collaboration between two people around a whiteboard using post-its

Creating personal experiences

Choosing to train to teach is a decision based on countless variables, whether you’re a recent graduate or career changer. That’s why the site focuses on providing an innately personal experience, based on audience research of the many considerations prospective teachers face. Users who create a profile are presented with bespoke content from the moment they log in. This includes a range of messaging and advice on what to do next during the application process. These logged-in users also benefit from a wide variety of curated content appearing throughout the site, ranging from helpful advice to rafts of written and video case studies that tell the stories of real teachers and trainees.

A section of the DfE homepage

Elegant interactions, engaging designs

With its new hand-holding proposition, the site required a completely reimagined information architecture (IA) to help users through the application journey in a simple but informative way. To achieve that, we set about scamping and prototyping solutions that involved elegant front-end interactions in profile bars, filterable listings and responsive navigation features. These solutions, which have been praised in surveys of high-achieving graduates, work seamlessly alongside the bold colour palette, optimised imagery, and immersive approach to presenting relevant information. The result is a site that not only perfectly complements the visuals and photography of the Your Future | Their Future brand, but also works brilliantly on all devices.

A screenshot of one of the videos produced for the DfE website

Producing content to drive results

The new site represented an almost entirely fresh start from a content perspective. Redweb’s Content team managed this large-scale strategy, copywriting and video production project. Tasks involved ranged from adopting the campaign’s new tone, to filming and interviewing teachers at schools across the country, and establishing an extensive taxonomy for surfacing related content. The site’s focus is on using ‘bite-sized’ snippets of content and a balance of ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ messaging – with compelling stats, quotes and case studies supporting more detailed copy. Working on the production and maintenance of this content involves close, year-round collaboration with third-party agencies and colleagues at the National College for Teaching and Leadership (the DfE body responsible for the campaign).

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Agile project delivery in line with GDS principles

The brief involved working in line with a number of Government Digital Service (GDS) principles. This included employing an agile model of project delivery, and an iterative approach to developing the build on an open source platform, in this instance Drupal. We were also required to launch the site in a public ‘beta’ test phase as a minimum viable product, and then develop it in a series of sprints. This enabled project managers at Redweb and the DfE to oversee a fast-paced delivery process in which technical, design and content teams collaborated to complete the build with the help of live user feedback and regular rounds of user testing.

A modern solution to a constant challenge 

The task faced by the campaign is considerable: approximately 35,000 new trainee teachers are required for England’s schools every year. The new site provides the ideal platform to take on that challenge, based on iterative user feedback and an agile way of working. Device-agnostic, on-brand and consistently engaging, it heralds a new approach to supporting aspiring teachers online – enabling more accurate reporting on candidates’ progress, and providing tailored support as they embark on new careers.

The results

  • 70+

    Teachers, trainees and prospective teachers interviewed for campaign videos

  • 800,000+

    Monthly page views

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