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Crest Nicholson

Find out how we combined automation with innovative thinking to bring greater efficiency to this leading housebuilder’s digital advertising spend.

Since 2015, we’ve been supporting Crest Nicholson with iterative website improvements and digital marketing campaigns. Constantly devising ways to set the leading housing developer apart, we investigated the potential of automation in ads and found a way to give our client an edge over the competition.

As users browse Google for new homes in their desired locations, they won’t know the price of a development until they click the ad and reach the website. At this point the client has paid for the traffic – and if the development’s price is out of their budget, that’s valuable ad spend wasted.

After analysing competitors’ ads, we noticed that none featured the property’s price. To add this to Crest Nicholson’s ads we decided to pursue automation, involving complex processes and setup. Rising to the challenge, we devised a way to combine a custom XML feed with a Google Ads script to automate the ads – all of which has resulted in a greater return on investment for Crest Nicholson.

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