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Award-winning design that’s resulted in a huge increase in online donations

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Following a major rebrand back in 2011, the Royal National Institute for the Deaf relaunched as Action on Hearing Loss. After initially being signed up to rebuild the online shop, we picked up the work of a wider website and intranet redesign, followed by a further responsive redesign – boosting mobile revenue by over 900% in the process.

Checkout sketches

Happy shoppers and double donations

The initial brief called for an improvement to the online shop with a sleek new design and build. Our expert team combined their knowledge of key business drivers to define the most essential components of the online shop, including product categorisation, special offers, and a donation prompt before checkout. Previously, the donation request was made via a pop-up – but customer feedback said this was off-putting. So we decided that a prompt on the basket page was the best way forward – a move that’s helped online donations more than double.

The Action on Hearing Loss intranet

Rebrand and redesign

Our next project was to redesign the organisation’s intranet and website in line with the launch of the new brand. We worked in collaboration with the agency that designed the branding for Action on Hearing Loss’ offline channels, and our task was to seamlessly transfer this to the new online platforms. With an immoveable deadline coinciding with the brand relaunch – not to mention the charity’s centenary – we supported consistency across the website by incorporating the already-defined designs, colours and fonts.

An image of different devices of different sizes

Optimising for a growing audience

In 2013, Action on Hearing Loss called on us again – this time to give the site a fully responsive redesign. Our experience of responsive projects gave us the ideal foundations to build on, so we got to work scamping ideas for the site, looking at layouts, content flow, and priorities and prominence of different elements on different pages.

Responsive revenue

Since the newly responsive site went live, revenue generated from online donations has more than doubled – and is still on the up. What’s more, Action on Hearing Loss has been able to break even on the project with a complete return on investment (ROI) in fewer than six months thanks to a massive 914.99% increase in mobile and tablet revenue. Not bad for a responsivisation we zippily delivered in under two months through close collaboration, agile scamping workshops and open, proactive communication throughout.

The results

  • 3

    So far we’ve notched a hat-trick of gongs for the original redesign and subsequent responsivisation.

  • +914.99%

    Mobile and tablet revenue is up 914.99% year on year.

  • 100+%

    Visits to the site via mobiles and tablets have increased by 92.7% and 174.67% respectively.

  • +28%

    The proportion of revenue generated from online donations has more than doubled, from 13.7% to over 28% – and they’re still rising.

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