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Driving more web leads than any other channel

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Access, a leading provider of self-storage solutions in the UK, has required nearly every skill set within Redweb over the five years we’ve worked with them. In that time, the great results we’ve produced through PPC have led to the budget increasing by over five times that in as many years – and in the past 12 months alone PPC has generated 45% of the leads for the business. 

Search team

Holistic design and development

Our relationship with Access began when they commissioned a User Experience (UX) study from our in-house team to better understand the audience and the performance of the existing site. The findings of this study showed us that Access needed a redesign and rebuild with a CMS upgrade to deliver on its objectives. The project engaged with a range of our services – UX Design, Development, Content, Testing, Analytics, PPC and SEO – to ensure holistic development and implementation of the solution, as well as working closely with Access to meet the business needs and marketing objectives.

Search & Performance manager

Establishing the plan

As a market leader competing against other major players in the industry when the global financial crisis hit, Access needed an agency with rich expertise, strategic nous and commercial insight to lead its PPC campaigns. We helped Access achieve its objectives of driving both online and offline reservations, optimising the booking process, and reinforcing brand values. Our Search & Performance team immediately gained an incisive understanding of Access’ needs and got to work on delivering quality results to that brief – exploiting opportunities, optimising efficiency, and maximising the cost return on every click. This relationship has gone from strength to strength ever since.

Access Self Storage on a tablet

Streamlining search

To achieve great results and build a successful, long-term relationship with Access, we’ve worked hard to restructure the whole account – amalgamating multiple accounts into one, implementing new features and optimising existing keywords and ads. Within this streamlined approach, we’ve also restructured campaigns and ad groups so that branded and non-branded keywords are split at the campaign level instead of the ad group level, which allowed us to implement different bid strategies – for example, targeting higher ad positions for branded terms.

Search team

Refining the strategy

By creating different campaigns for broad matches (e.g. misspellings, multiple synonyms), commonly used search phrases and exact matches to keywords, we achieved better segmentation. Exact match terms were excluded from appearing for phrase match keywords, and phrase match terms from appearing for broad match terms. This made for a more effective bid strategy, meaning we could target higher average search result positions and allow higher cost-per-clicks (CPCs) for match types that perform better. By splitting the match types out at the campaign level, we could also opt out of the search partner networks for broad keywords if we saw poorer performance.

Self-storage is a big business – and a highly competitive one, at that. Our work with Access has consistently delivered excellent results year-on-year since 2009, helping it stand out against industry rivals. As a result, Access now invests heavily in PPC because of the business benefits, bringing an increase in leads – especially on mobile – and click-through rates as well as a decrease in the cost per lead. 

The results

  • 21%

    Increased PPC leads across mobile and desktops

  • 34%

    Increase click-through rates

  • 72%

    More leads driven through targeted channels

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