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Umbraco the user-friendly CMS

Umbraco is an open-source CMS and a strong contender in the marketplace, built on the .NET framework, which is robust, scalable and secure. Renowned for its easy-to-use editing interface it is becoming the solution of choice for many organisations.

Redweb has extensive experience in the design and build of Umbraco websites. We love the Umbraco platform and have a team of developers, front end developers and quality assurance resources, as well as dedicated project management resource with experience of delivering projects on the platform. Speak to us today about you requirements.

Faster build times

Redweb approach Umbraco projects with an advantage, our base-build. It is a starter kit of supporting code repositories, built up and refined over time.

Our approach recognises that many features are common across websites and that UX is driven by familiarity and best-practice. Hence, Redweb actually launch a fully featured website at the commencement of the project bringing our clients significant benefits in cost, project assurance and time.

As your solution is defined, we evolve the base-build using its core inbuilt functionality to get to what we call a base-build MPV. We then assess the gaps between MPV and final output. Our development team make the improvements.

So, our clients from the start, have access to a working site. This is then subject to Agile sprints with a backlog bringing the features up to the design and function levels needed.

A host of add-ons

Umbraco is a new breed CMS that is not dependent on a development team only building from the bottom-up. Aside to the open-source core platform and its regular updates, many add-ons have been created by niche businesses and Umbraco themself.

These give Redweb a fast-track method of getting many of the additional features you require quickly and cost-effectively. The options grow by the month.

Cloud hosting

An open-source website needn’t be considered inferior. Whilst Umbraco, WordPress and Drupal may support millions of smaller sites, with the correct approach they can equally power business-critical, high traffic solutions.

We host Umbraco on Microsoft Azure Cloud bringing performance advantages, security and the resilience, expected at enterprise levels.

Find out how working with Redweb could unlock Umbraco’s potential for you