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Apache Solr

Apache Solr is an industry-standard indexing and search platform that provides more than just a website search and search results facility.

The power and flexibility of Solr means it can index a variety of documents and content (including PDF and Office documents, as you would expect) as well as carrying out geospatial searches. It’s also often used as basis for creating powerful custom and faceted search features. 

We can integrate Solr as the built-in search functionality for a variety content management systems, including Drupal and Sitecore. And because it’s open source, there’s always an active, enthusiastic community developing new features and fixing bugs to drive improvement. 

Our experience with Solr

Redweb has implemented Solr as a search engine for a number of website builds, including Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, Insight Vacations, and for the NHS Business Services Authority. 

If you want to know more about Apache Solr, please email Gemma, our Senior Bid Manager, gemmamillington@redweb.com or call on 01202 779944.