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Active Commerce for Sitecore

Redweb is proud to be the first agency in the UK to join forces with ecommerce specialists Active Commerce to offer its clients improved content and commerce solutions.

Active Commerce offers the only fully integrated, native ecommerce solution for Sitecore. With features such as web and mobile-optimised storefronts and pre-built integrations for payments, tax, shipping and third-party systems, businesses can seamlessly manage content and commerce experiences. That means you can boost your revenue and get closer to your customers.   

Active Commerce aims to improve customer satisfaction, lower maintenance costs and streamline processes, while giving organisations the unique opportunity to use CMS’s digital marketing and personalisation abilities to customise their site and complement the needs of their brand. 

Please call Gemma on 01202 779944 or email if you'd like to talk in more detail about the Active Commerce or would like a demonstration of the software.