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Onsite teams

Redweb has been delivering digital projects from our own offices since 1997. However, to meet clients' varied needs, we also provide individual specialists and exceptional onsite teams sited within your organisation. We currently have numerous experts placed at a range of high-profile organisations and businesses.

The benefit of our onsite service is that you’ll have digital experts under your roof who are fully immersed in the day-to-day operations and goals of your organisation. You can quickly connect and enhance your existing digital team to drive performance and extend capability. Our vetting and management, comes as an added bonus, with the agile nature of our proposition meaning our staff are able to swiftly respond to the targets of your business. 

We work with a number of large departments within the UK Government, and we can be found on the following public sector frameworks:  g-cloud and  digital outcomes and specialists

Advantages over a recruitment agency

The key differentiator between Redweb and typical recruiters, even the specialist ones, is the recruiters lack the ability to offer complimentary services and don't take responsibility for deliverables. As a digital agency we understand the skills landscape first-hand, know the acceptable level of output and how the different roles of a digital team combine. Hence, we are a perfect partner to provide you support, resource planning and management with your onsite digital operations. Our aim is to drive value, accountability and performance.

As an onsite customer, your day-to-day contacts are with our client partnership team. They are well practiced in meeting our customer’s needs, finding personnel quickly, monitoring success, undertaking regular reviews, to resolving any issues that may arise.

Roles we provide

UX & design 

We are a major provider of UX and digital designers, tasked to do specific service work for a number of high profile organisations across the UK. The team as with all onsite positions, is backed by our agency expertise when required. We are also unique in the industry in that we provide  UX laboratory facilities for our onsite staff to utilise. This allows our clients to not be disadvantaged in the options they have for testing. 


We supply development personnel across a number of platforms including Microsoft.Net, Java and PHP. The services our team provide range from responsive website builds to bespoke applications and our in-house teams of experts are only a phone call away should any assistance be needed. We can also provide a turnkey solution including development and staging environments as well as access to the software your onsite team will require. 


Our QA onsite personnel will be an integral part of a development team. Again we can offer them support, either via senior analysts or host test environments, or deliver a device library to you so you can test across multiple devices.

Content marketing

As systems get more sophisticated and in line with our approach to maximise ROI from technology, we are increasingly finding in-house client teams require additional support. Our content experts are fully aware of the significance CMS and CRM can bring to your marketing campaigns, and will plan the correct strategy and implementation roadmap. This can encompass the full spectrum of content services, from copywriting and migrations planning, to tone of voice and social media. By having Redweb content marketing personnel onsite they can help drive adoption of automated marketing across your team.

In addition, when other ad-hoc and complementary skills are needed we can provide this either again onsite or via our permanent agency team. The full range of opportunities is shown on our  agency service list.  

Benefits of using Redweb

Rapid response

Making sure you have the right people for your team is time-consuming and costly if done incorrectly. Many clients feel they benefit from working with specialist people to recruit their team. You will have a Service Manager working with you to ensure you have the best resource to deliver the work you need to the highest standards. Their knowledge of the digital recruitment landscape will ensure they meet your needs as fast as possible.

Before we propose onsite personnel, we will ensure we fully understand your project and if needed, our industry experts will help to define the best solution and appropriate programs of work. 


Sometimes things change – we’re used to that. We can send in one of our specialists to work with you, draw on past experiences, see what needs to happen and redirect resources quickly and efficiently – so you’ll never have an idle team.

We understand we need to be flexible to your needs, so when you need an extra hand, we have teams available for burst capacity and other expertise (such as search strategists, infrastructure managers, videographers) which you might want to utilise on the odd occasional for help rather than have as a permanent part of your team.  

Access to our facilities

Make full use of our facilities, including device libraries, London workshop spaces, hosting environments and UX labs in both London and Bournemouth. We can even host your team if you don’t immediately have the space within your organisation. If you need advice over equipment or software, then contact us as we are here to help. 

Redweb also have access to a range of industry events at discounted prices which your on-site Redweb team will be able to benefit from to widen their learning and expertise.  


Sample rates

Prices vary greatly, so please get in touch to find out more or check out our onsite  creds presentation. If you’d like to talk to us about creating a bespoke on-site team for you, please call our Client Director Ann-Marie on 01202 779944 or email her  Ann-MarieWinstone@redweb.com