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Innovation and future vision

Redweb Labs is the Innovation department within Redweb – they open up the conversation, experiment and take risks. Learning by making and evaluating through iterations, Redweb Labs gain insight and intelligence to share with the entire agency and pass on to our clients and the wider industry. Collaborating with those who share their vision, they are at the forefront of technology and use it to create and inspire. 


Explore, experiment, excite

Redweb Labs investigates the future. Deciphering new technologies and trends, they ensure we’re always on top of the latest developments and identify how we can use their findings to add value to the teams and our clients. Tinkering and experimenting with prototypes, our Innovation team keeps us ahead of the curve and gives us a glimpse of what the future might hold.

The Innovation team

Rapid Innovation

From idea to conclusion in just five days – join Redweb Labs for a quick, collaborative process to take an idea through to a realistic prototype in just one week. The Innovation team will work closely with you to fully understand the problem and then you’ll define the challenge and next steps together. Within this collaborative week, you will produce a working prototype which will be tested to provide insight and feedback. The Innovation team will help to refine the prototype based on this feedback and look at delivering strategies for integration and routes to the market. Working in this accelerated way makes for quick results that save both time and money. The Innovation team work with the ethos that the sooner they get something tested the sooner it can then be improved. 


Case studies

The Innovation team has been testing this way of working. They collaborated with Flim4 on the Favourite films application that was built to help customers share, compare and discuss their favourite three films and find new ones to watch. Alongside Random House, Redweb Labs created a Show & Tell web application where each user would film themselves reading aloud a page of a book – each contribution was then stitched together to create a complete reading in video form. Local dance school The Pavilion Dance South West has also worked in the Redweb Lab for a week of innovation discovery to find out how dance and digital can work together.  Get in touch to talk about how a Rapid Innovation week can benefit you and your company.