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Customer experience & user insight

We are proud of our heritage in User Experience (UX). Since 2009, our UX team have honed their skills and developed our research facilities to gain unparalleled insight. This understanding allows us to improve and enhance our offerings in the ever-changing digital landscape – ultimately exceeding our client’s online needs. 

Our UX team will assess your entire digital estate using research, testing, and data science to boost user engagement for your online presence. They are experts in their field, keeping up-to-date with the latest UX developments and conducting detailed research on current user behaviour, trends and new UI conventions to create both usable and innovative interfaces. Perhaps most importantly, they aim to provide the best digital experience for the target users of your site.

User testing

Understanding your users

Through qualitative and quantitative research, our UX team will get to know your users on a personal level. They’ll ask the right questions to gather key insights and understand users’ motivations and how they experience interactions in different contexts. From there they map out comprehensive user experiences, highlighting where and how changes can be made to add the most value to both business and user.

This process, combined with years of experience, delivers evidence-based solutions to create better, and more enjoyable online experiences, putting you ahead in a crowded digital landscape. 

User testing on a tablet

Cutting edge, flexible and naturalistic user research facilities

Our expert UX team has access to Redweb’s very own testing labs in both Bournemouth and London. Housing a brand new state-of-the-art user research space, our London lab is based on a lounge-style layout with discreet cameras to help us collect insights from multiple device types (touch screen or desktop) within a naturalistic home environment. With dual screen capabilities and live internet streaming, we believe this is a UK-first and are proud to be at the forefront of UX innovation. Redweb also offers onsite UX and design personnel to supplement your own development teams. Like our project staff, they have access to our facilities and labs.

User Experience Practitioner working

A comprehensive spectrum of UX services

The methods and services our UX team can offer have been deconstructed to individual items on a scale. These can be easily applied to individual client needs and budgets, making maximum use of client’s assets to achieve the best outcome. Here are just a few services our UX team can offer: Usability Testing (moderated and unmoderated, remote and face-to-face); User Experience Testing (including contextual interview questions and tasks); Persona research and development; Information Architecture evaluation and improvements; card sorting; website reviews (heuristic and expert evaluations); competitor reviews and benchmarking; stakeholder workshops; surveys and questionnaires; interviews; and wireframes and prototyping.