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Digital transformation

Digital affords tremendous growth opportunities, smarter ways to connect with prospects and existing customers, entry into new markets and faster realisation of results.

Redweb has embraced evolving technologies such as cloud-based automated marketing, customer experience management, hyper-personalisation, big data and IA/machine learning, which is allowing us to deliver multifaceted third generation platforms. We aim to recognise trends quicker than our competitors and make them available to our customers, thus gaining competitive advantage.

Unlike tech firms, our creative and user-centric heritage allows us to humanise this technology – providing enhanced engagement, content touchpoints and brand empathy from the audience. 

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Digital strategy

Whether it is digital transformation, evolving existing products, enabling more direct relationships with customers and/or developing new revenue streams, we are here to drive the thinking.

Our holistic approach and proven expertise will successfully deliver strategic vision. Our preference to SaaS and cloud solutions reduces upfront investment – and with a best-of-breed approach we are able to deliver faster than our competitors.

We recognise the diversity of stakeholders and therefore work appropriately across your organisational tiers from the ‘C’ suite, marketing and technical departments.   

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Strategic experts

As one of the largest independent agencies in the UK we have an impressive complement of experts able to support all aspects of digital strategy.

Central to this are our experienced Business Analysts who align overall business goals, risk and ROI. They are critical in spearheading progress and ensuring expectations of budget holders are met.

For specialist digital areas, we have senior personnel across content and search marketing, engagement modelling, data capture strategy and brand development.

Our technical competence is supported by our Technical Directors who ensure that functionality, interoperability, resilience and security has the expected integrity for the high-profile work we are involved in.

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Experience mapping

We work hard to understand and define how our clients can interact digitally with their customers in a more engaging way than their competitors. We use our knowledge of experience technology and people’s online behaviour to gain advantage.

Reading the business plan

Seeing it through

We partner with our clients to ensure that original aspirations, business goals and ROI are achieved. 

The software we employ is powerful and go-live is an enabler rather than the conclusion. 

Whether planning campaigns, providing content services, automating marketing or understanding analytics, we will work with your in-house teams to ensure adoption is successful. This is through providing third-party support, training and CMS/CRM management, and editorial services within your teams. 

Innovation sketches

Innovation and vision setting

We return to our heritage as makers; to build proof of concepts, create prototypes and learn through doing. Via Redweb Labs, our clients have access to a playground of emerging technologies, innovative thinking and a break from the normal.

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