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DevOps & cloud hosting

We don’t just implement award-winning digital solutions for household-name clients. Beyond go-live, our experts provide ongoing technical support, security and cloud hosting based on extensive experience of working with large-scale businesses and organisations. It’s an approach that enables us to set clients up for long-term success with complete assurance.

24/7 access to support

24/7 DevOps

Whether we’re supporting Redweb and the sites we deliver or taking on a new client’s existing digital portfolio, our dedicated support team and UK-based helpdesk provides round-the-clock peace of mind. Our developers and sysadmins are able to on-board, maintain and support multiple code bases, platforms and integrations to guaranteed service levels.


Infrastructure management

For clients hosting their sites externally, we take charge of the grey area between hosting companies and application support. This involves the infrastructure maintenance that, if unchecked, could cause reliability and performance issues in web-facing applications and websites. Our CMS-certified developers and sysadmins have full stack knowledge – we understand your website design and build as well as the server it sits on.

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Redweb’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) hosting platform provides clients with a high-availability fully managed service to meet the most demanding requirements. Hosting with Redweb allows us to take full responsibility of our projects on a holistic basis – from the build to go-live, and into ongoing support. This enables us to deliver full lifecycle management and exemplary service levels – we know how your site was built, and how to deliver the experience that you and your users require.

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AWS and Azure support

Public cloud services can be a great cost-effective way to host your applications and storage. For clients using Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure, either in a hybrid or dedicated platform, Redweb’s Infrastructure team can offer expert help. Whether you need assistance deciphering the options, setting up and maintaining cloud services, or scaling a web app, we’re here by your side.

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