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Content Marketing

If you ever hear us saying something like ‘content is king’ at Redweb, slap us – not least because it’s an empty alliterated cliché, and we hate those. We’d much rather talk in real terms about using content to deliver results through our extensive copywriting, video production and content strategy expertise. But before we get into all of that, check our our showreel of recent video projects: 




Now here are our main services, in a nutshell...

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Content strategy

We take a direct, no-nonsense approach to content strategy. So we won’t barrage you with buzz terms or jargon. Instead, we look at our clients’ specific requirements and help them to manage large-scale projects based on experience, rather than conjecture. We can provide this support in the short term if you’re working towards a launch, or an ongoing basis. Either way, we tailor our approach to achieve long-term results.

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Personalised customer experiences

The potential for personalisation offered by platforms such as  Sitecore and  Episerver has changed what you can achieve in content management or through your content marketing strategy. Redweb’s content experts work alongside our business analysts, data strategists and marketeers to ensure clients maximise their chosen technology. By aligning first-class technical work with meticulously considered production plans and platform management by editors, you’ll be able to provide nuanced, targeted customer experiences and messages.

Digital content - Copywriting and translations

Copywriting and translations

Our Content Editors are all former multimedia journalists and corporate copywriters who have extensive experience of writing for B2B and consumer audiences. From education to travel, finance, food and retail, they’re adept at tackling any subject matter and producing search-optimised copy that informs, entertains and supports user journeys. This includes being mindful of international audiences and managing translation processes on behalf of our global clients.

A Redweb videographer filming for Video production

Video production

From corporate case studies to specialist interviews, interactive content and scripted promotional pieces, we produce sharp, engaging video content to get our clients’ messaging across in the most compelling way. The Videographers on our Content team have worked with the likes of Channel 4, MTV and VH1, and produced work for the likes of the Department for Education, Vodafone and Chartwells.

Redweb dditorial and tone of voice content guidelines

Editorial and tone of voice guidelines

We’ve seen what happens to a website when it doesn’t have a properly defined style guide or tone of voice, and the results aren’t pretty. That’s particularly true when it comes to larger organisations with a multitude of contributing editors. As a team that works with major multinational and governmental organisations, we have extensive experience of implementing – and defining – detailed guidelines in collaboration with clients.

Different iterations of the Get Into Teaching site

Audits and migrations

Content audits and migrations can be time-consuming, resource-draining projects – even more so if your employees aren’t well-versed in how to approach them. Thankfully, the Content Strategists at Redweb have bags of experience on that front. From quantitative audits to more in-depth qualitative reports, they’ll scour through your site to provide expert insights and recommend meaningful changes. They’re also multi-platform CMS experts who manage sizeable content migration and population projects in the most cost-effective manner.

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