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Data & machine learning

The emergence of big-data repositories that record the almost limitless amount of online interactions has created an exciting new generation of cloud providers. Automated marketing software, contextual search and personalisation is being transformed through machine learning to deliver increasingly unique experiences for our clients’ customers in real-time.

Bringing together disconnected systems and touchpoints enables organisations to discover a holistic view of their customers, and will yield opportunities otherwise unavailable.

Redweb’s knowledge of user experience, digital marketing and cloud services is invaluable and is fundamental in our ability to inform strategy, implementation and ongoing activity.

Data capture

Data capture strategy

At Redweb we believe that effective first-party data capture is an iterative process and requires a robust strategy.

A policy of progressive profiling will allow customer data to be collected over time, increasing accuracy and trust of customers. By complementing your own data with second and third-party sources, further opportunities can be realised.

Through securing quality data, collected at many online and offline touchpoints, a Single Customer View is created which informs customer propensity and drives greater understanding of their journeys. This knowledge in turn informs the marketing program and increases the success of your automated marketing software.

We can also advise on compliance and security around how personal information is kept and used. 

remarketing team

Personalisation & remarketing

Automated marketing – be it stand alone or contained within content management or CRM platforms, is enabling personalised experiences and engagement strategies to reach new levels. It is allowing targeted response against profile, preference, motivation, real-time behaviour and context. 

At Redweb we recognise the increasing skills necessary to both implement and manage such software. We can plan, configure and tailor these systems to deliver meaningful campaigns and assist our clients in gaining competitive advantage. We can also train our clients’ teams, provide remote support and/or in-house personnel to maximise investment.

For clients on legacy versions, we are experts in revitalising a platform through technical road mapping. This aims to quickly align technology with the marketing needs of the organisation.



Within any data strategy/single customer view, the inclusion of a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can add significant benefits and cost advantages. Redweb is undertaking a significant number of engagements that include the integration of Cloud CRM or Enterprise resource planning (ERP) to provide a central repository for customer profiles as well as act as a conduit of this information to the wider business.

With modern cloud solutions from players such as Microsoft, SAP, Salesforce and HubSpot readily available, it is important to review legacy CRM during a digital transformation to ensure the overall solution is not compromised. 

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