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We built a new home for the Science Museum

21 September 2012

The new page has changed the way people engage with the site on mobile devices. Rather than creating several versions of the homepage, we built a single design using responsive techniques so it automatically adjusts its display according to different screen dimensions.

This enables the page to quickly and clearly load the same content across all devices. From personal computers to smartphones and tablets, all users get exactly the same, sharply presented information, with nothing sacrificed to fit into a smaller space.

Previously, the site’s homepage required mobile device users to zoom in to read information on a page with dimensions designed for laptop and desktop computers. Now, page elements that align horizontally on full-width set-ups cascade into perpendicular arrangements as the screen size contracts. Images become smaller on narrower screens or are replaced by text-led graphical features to facilitate fast loading and deliver striking aesthetics.

Among the new features introduced as part of the relaunch, a feed from Transport for London provides live information on how well the tube lines that stop near the museum are running. Below this, the ‘Plan your visit’ carousel allows users to scroll through upcoming events.

The new homepage was launched on 25 July, on schedule and in time for the start of the Olympics.

Alex Hendry, Senior Project Manager for the Science Museum, said:

“I have been repeatedly impressed with everyone at Redweb. They’ve been an absolute delight to work with and dealt with a tight deadline and fairly restrictive requirements without dropping quality. It’s a huge step forward, and a project with ample scope for going wrong, that hasn’t.”

The Science Museum is the UK’s most popular destination dedicated to science, technology, engineering, medicine, design and enterprise, and welcomes almost 3 million visits every year. Its website receives more than 12 million visits a year.


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