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Changes to Chief Officer roles signal exciting new era for Redweb

28 September 2017

As part of a wider strategic vision to advance the agency in delivering AI-driven experience platforms, our founder and CEO, Andrew Henning, has transitioned to Chief Strategy Officer while Luke Platt has been appointed CEO.

Having overseen the day-to-day running of the agency in his role as Chief Operating Officer, Luke’s new position will now also involve overall responsibility as well as managing the longer-term direction of Redweb. Having worked with Redweb for 17 years, Luke brings unparalleled insight and experience to the role.

Andrew, who has been recognised as one of the top 25 most influential individuals in UK digital, is extremely passionate about pioneering digital technology and working with clients to bring their vision to life. His new role as CSO will mean they can take full advantage of his extensive industry knowledge, gained from years of delivering successful digital projects.

Focusing primarily on digital transformation, Andrew will help clients capitalise on the opportunities emerging technologies offer – from machine learning and AI, to automation and personalisation.

Andrew commented:

“I am excited for the challenge. There is a technological revolution coming and I welcome the chance to spend greater time advancing our proposition and working more closely with our clients and partners.

“We’ve already made big strides through our work with Sitecore, Episerver and Coveo but true transformation needs a different mindset to project-based work. It requires a longer-term vision, trust and a greater flexibility by clients to adoption. In addition, the platforms themselves are also still evolving and if you want to be a disruptor you need to push boundaries and find the limits.

“I see my advantage as being able to recognise the common themes and processes needed for cloud and intelligent solutions. Then our talented consultants and agile teams can operate within this framework to meet individual customer and audience needs.

“We have developed a strategy model around automation, engagement, adoption, service design and implementation. It recognises the dependencies necessary for success. For example, personalisation is only effective with the correct data – otherwise it’s just advertising.

“Everyone will think I’m retiring but this couldn’t be further from the truth – I certainly don’t want my digital career to be framed by HTML, Facebook and the iPhone. It’s going to get much more exciting from now!”

Having just celebrated 20 years of Redweb, the changes reflect a new era for our agency that focuses on digital transformation, ensuring our clients remain ahead of the curve and get maximum value from their platforms.

With the recent appointment of James Watts as Chief Financial Officer, who brings with him significant industry expertise, Luke, Andrew and James are working together to push our agency forward and strengthen our position in a rapidly evolving industry.


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