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Why Data-Driven attribution isn't the answer to your problems

by Michael Patten, Digital Marketing Strategist, 13 February 2019

Read Time: 10 minutes

“When compared to last-click attribution, Data-Driven attribution typically delivers more conversions at a similar cost-per-conversion.”

What Google failed to mention is that this would wholly depend on a variety of factors relating to your account, your website and your optimisation strategy.

Learn from our experience as a Google Premier Partner by downloading our whitepaper, and find out whether Data-Driven attribution could work for you.

What’s covered in the whitepaper:

1.       What was the problem with Last-Click attribution?

2.       Introducing Data-Driven attribution

3.       Optimising for conversions

4.       Comparing attribution models

5.       What should you do (before switching to a Data-Driven model)

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