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My thoughts on the Mobile Advertising Google Certification exam

by Alex Velinov, 10 July 2015

Read Time: 10 minutes

Recently, Google Partners launched a mobile advertising certification exam. As the Redweb Digital Marketing team are always on top of new PPC and SEO trends, I decided to share my experience with the mobile advertising certification program.

Two weeks ago, I realised that I had to pass Google Certification exams with my Redweb email address to be able to endorse certification to the Redweb Digital Marketing team Google Partners profile. So I spent a little time to move fast through the preparation centre and pass the exams. To get your certification, you need to take AdWords Fundamentals and at least one of the advanced exams – Search, Display, Video or Shopping.

Lately, I have been wondering why Google doesn’t have a separate certification program oriented to mobile advertising. We all know about the exponentially growing number of smartphone and tablet users, we have all heard about a multi-screen world, the smart shoppers, and the smart viewers, and we know that mobile phones have changed consumer behaviour. In May 2015, Google officially announced that more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan. Based on fact, I was thinking that maybe the next certification program will be mobile-oriented.

Much to my surprise, Sean Ginnaw, one of our Search & Performance Strategists, later mentioned that there is a mobile advertising certification in Google Partners. Crazy to think that I was thinking about it and a couple of days later, I find out it’s a fact – I feel like Nostradamus!

As I am extremely passionate about mobile technologies, mobile marketing, apps, mobile websites, responsive design etc., I was very interested to pass a new mobile advertising certification. So after completing it in one weekend, here’s the list of things that I would like to share about the exam and how to fully prepare:

Exam Format:

  • 90 minutes
  • 70 multiple-choice questions
  • You will not be able to return to any previous question as you confirm your answer
  • The passing score is 80%
  • 12-month certification validity period
  • If you do not pass, you may retake the test in 7 days
  • To be certified, you need to pass AdWords Fundamentals exam first

From my point of view, this exam is a little bit more difficult compared with other advanced certification exams. I say a “little bit” because many questions are covered in other advanced certification exams, however this exams also includes a lot of technical-heavy questions about conversion tracking and measurement. Alongside this, the number of questions and the time given to answer the questions (around 1 minute 30 seconds per question) makes the exam just that little bit harder.

How to successfully prepare for the mobile advertising certification

Carefully read the Mobile Advertising Exam Study Guide

Google have organized a very good preparation section for the Mobile advertising certification. It covers basic and advanced mobile concepts, including mobile fundamentals, bidding & targeting strategies, mobile ads and measurement solutions. Most (but not all) answers to the exam questions can be found here. Additionally, this guide is good enough not only to prepare for the exam, but to use as a handbook for mobile marketing. You can use it on a daily basis when you create, measure and optimise mobile campaigns. Thankfully, there is now one place amongst all Google help centres that you may find everything related to mobile marketing.

Take some time to look back at Search, Display and Video Certification Guides

It may sound weird but in the Mobile Advertising certification exam you may get into questions most likely to be presented in video, search or display exams. It’s good to take a deeper look into ad extensions, true view ads and general display advertising.

Standard easy-to-answer questions

As in every Google certification exam, the Mobile advertising exam includes some very easy-to-answer questions – questions that you may find easy even if you are not working in digital marketing, but the hard questions outweigh the easy ones.

Questions specific only to Mobile marketing

Most of the answers to these questions you may find in Module 1: Mobile overview of the preparation guide. Be prepared for the basic principles of mobile advertising and app promotion as well as some statistics presented in this module.

Conversion Tracking

There is a considerable number of in-depth questions covering different kind of conversion tracking for Android and iOS Apps. It’s good to read Module 4: Measurement, from the guide as well as additional resources presented there in detail. Be prepared to demonstrate your knowledge about 3rd parties tracking and pros and cons of different kind of mobile apps tracking. In the exam, you may come across lots of technical question related to that topic as well.

Mobile Analytics

In the exam you may find some questions about setup and reports of mobile applications via Google Analytics, so if you have some applications in your analytics accounts I suggest that you run through basic reports and see the differences from web analytics reports.


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