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Forging the connections that drive change

by Damian Proctor, Head of Strategy, 24 October 2018

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If you were to look at the world a decade ago through a rose-tinted wayback machine, then you might be forgiven for thinking that those simpler times were easier on the marketer. Less attribution meant less accountability, the singularity was just a glint in HAL’s cycloptic eye and your audience tended to stay where you left them.

We know that you don’t really believe that, but instead you see an era of opportunity before you. We understand there is complexity in the challenge that you and your competitors face in today’s hyper-connected society. However we must all recognise that technology can be a disruptor, not just your competitors. It’s the flexibility and bravery to go to where your audience are, whilst meeting their needs and expectations, that is key to long term success.

It is this need that Redweb has evolved to meet. You want to pick partners not platforms, to develop relationships not briefs, and share the challenges and successes as one team. The organisations that grow relationships with Redweb want to re-imagine their customer experiences, enhance the technologies that enable them, and build the capability to manage it themselves through in-house, in-Redweb or on-site teams.

How we connect with you

We don’t expect your business to change its structure to work with us. We orient ourselves so we can figure out the challenges, opportunities and restrictions, uncover the resources available and then create the right team and framework to get the job done. Because no two businesses are alike, we apply a process that solves the problem rather than following a fixed approach which treats every challenge in the same way. We are nimble, fluent in data and ready to create a solution tailored to your needs and aspirations.

Although it isn’t the only way we can be introduced, Redweb is at its best when you bring us a challenge that looks like one or a combination of the following:

  • Strategy
    We will deliver the future – what the world looks like for your audience today, what your customer connections should be and how to bridge the gap.
  • Design & Build
    We will bring your brief to life – quickly and efficiently, using our own proprietary frameworks to deliver on the right platform for your business at speed.
  • Onboarding
    We will take care of hosting, maintenance and support, so you can focus on your strategy and getting results from your digital estate.
  • Performance
    We will drive improvements on and around your platform to create change that increases speed, reach, engagement and conversion.

Adding value to build the relationship

Our technical heritage means that not every brand that comes our way is looking for our help to think, as they’ve heard about how good we are at doing. However, we too are in a competitive world and, with the increasing commoditisation of technical delivery, we need to ensure that we are providing value above and beyond the outputs of work.

Our most successful relationships transcend the price-driven model because the focus has moved to the outcomes of our efforts. The actionable insights that we deliver alongside the education and empowerment we provide allows organisations to make informed decisions that impact customer relationships and their bottom line.

Our agency model is called the Butterfly Effect, because we know that in business small changes in one state can result in large differences in a later state and our client relationships are intentionally set up to ensure those opportunities aren’t missed. We know that by having a key member of our senior team deeply immersed in your business and the world of your customers – whatever the nature of the relationship – we are in a position to identify opportunities to drive positive change.

Working hard to make you look good

We help ensure that the programmes of work and discreet projects that Redweb deliver have clear and measurable KPIs. These are based on SMART objectives that are defined by an overarching digital strategy tied to your wider organisational goals.

This means that we demonstrate measurable value to you for the investment you have made in us. In turn, this enables you to communicate the success you have achieved to the wider organisation and share the contribution your team has made towards delivering against the targets of the overarching business strategy.

Which makes you look good.

Reflecting the change

As the agency reached a significant milestone last year, we reflected on our evolution and the fact that the outward facing messaging of the agency was lagging behind. What we are known for and what we actually deliver were out of sync.

What followed was a top to bottom overhaul of our agency marketing to properly represent our values, our status and our aspirations. The new messaging and positioning, combined with a refreshed visual identity, represent the final polish on the agency proposition we have been honing for the last few years.

Visually, our new mark represents connections and change in one simple form. The pared back colour scheme and refined typography communicate a focus to drive ourselves and our clients forward. But whatever your feelings about attaching post-rationalised attribution to colours, words and shapes, you cannot deny the harmony and clarity a unified purpose brings to a culture and the relationships it contains.

We believe our future is rose-coloured because we are willing and able to adapt. We have learned a lot, failed often, won plenty of awards and honed our craft. We are ready to meet you, hear about your journey and figure out how together we can make the connections that drive change for you.

A laptop on a desk which says 'Connections that drive change' with the Redweb logo

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