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The power of the world’s most popular search engine

These days, most people don’t just search for something – they Google it. And with over 2.3 million searches being performed per minute, it’s vital that your business is making the most of all the search engine giant has to offer. From SEO and analytics to APIs and AdWords activity, our search specialists can help you rank higher, increase conversions and make more informed decisions about your site. 

Google Search Console 

Previously known as Google Webmaster Tools, Google Search Console allows us to perform a health-check on your website’s SEO (search engine optimisation). We can measure search traffic coming to your website and improve your content’s visibility to Google’s algorithms. On top of that, we can see how your site will be viewed in the search results, make sitemaps and assess top-level link profiles, giving you invaluable insight throughout.

Google Maps and Places API

Our developers delve into Google’s Web APIs to combine extensive mapping features with your data, creating engaging geographical experiences for your customers. Our experience encompasses integration of the entire range of services Google’s Map API has to offer including the Drawing, Geometry, Visualisation, and Places libraries. We regularly deliver maps with bespoke datasets and area search, as well as advanced directions and route planning. Our performance-aware implementation of the Google Maps for Work APIs will also ensure you don’t burn through your licence too quickly, while giving your users the fastest page load times possible.

Google Analytics

We implement Google Analytics as standard into all the websites we build. A widely used platform across a range of industries, it packs in a plethora of features compared to other packages. With Google Analytics you can track your marketing activity to help inform your business decisions using quantitative data and analysis. Working with Redweb’s dedicated Search and Performance team will put a narrative behind the data – that way, you don’t just know what activity is going on, but why it’s happening. And, if you like, they’ll suggest what steps are required to make improvements.

Google Tag Manager 

Our Search and Performance team leverages the power of Google Tag Manager to expertly monitor and update your campaigns. Consolidating all tags in one central location reliably and accurately, we can manage large-scale tracking solutions efficiently and effectively. All that makes for a winning combination of intuitive tech coupled with our team’s industry know-how – so whatever decisions you take, we can react swiftly to the needs of your campaigns. 

Unlock your site’s full potential

All this is only tip of the iceberg. Google has numerous services and features that allow you to get insights about your users and optimise your business’ digital estate. Please speak with us to discover the many other ways implementing Google services can benefit you. Call us on 01202 779944 or email to find out more.