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DevOps Exchange February 2019

7 February 2019, Redweb

Having created the World’s biggest DevOps meetup, the organisers of DevOps Exchange London were looking for a new location. They chose Bournemouth. And on 7th February 2019, we hosted their second event on the south coast – a chance for local enthusiasts involved in pushing DevOps forward to share their insights. Along with pizza and refreshments, the audience were given food for thought in the format of three presentations.

QA in DevOps; test strategy and how the role has adapted

Redweb’s QA Director, Leigh Darlow discussed QA’s role in DevOps and how his role has adapted to meet the adoption needs. Leigh spoke about how delivering software continuously and rapidly comes with quality challenges – and how shifting culture, principles, and processes can help promote confidence in what is delivered.

Digital transformation and DevOps

Mike Richardson, Head of Platform Engineering at Capgemini, gave the audience insight into how companies like Capgemini are tackling the challenge of digital transformation and DevOps role within it. In this talk, Mike shared some of the techniques that are working well, as well as some that are still proving a challenge to adopt.

Learning to DevOps at scale

Richard Baker, Server Team Lead at 3 Sided Cube, explored DevOps at scale, taking the audience through his agency’s continual journey into DevOps. From risky deployments to empowering team members to ship multiple times a day to millions of users, Richard shared his team’s DevOps journey and the lessons learned.