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Digital Maturity Assessment Results

Your answers indicate...

You’ve showcased digital experimentation, now you must persuade senior leadership!

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Where you are today

You have matured beyond the need to showcase. This means that you have successfully used digital tools and innovative experiments to change the mindset of colleagues who didn’t believe that digital disruption mattered to them.

💡 If this is still a challenge, we have guides on showcasing digital experimentation in your organisation.

Although new digital tools and trials have sparked the interest of those around you, your senior leadership is yet to sit up and take notice of digital. At this level of maturity, the digital projects that do get approved tend to be small, siloed and more aligned with digitising and internal efficiency than they are to widening markets and improving your customers experience.

So, how do you go about building the trust with senior management that encourages the right level of investment in digital?

Your next steps

It is time to persuade the top of your organisation that to remain competitive you must invest in digital strategy.

The path to success begins with leveraging the power of customer data and market research. Once you better understand your current and potential audience you will be well placed to generate the insights you need to challenge the status quo and show the potential for digital engagement.

You can then build on this by learning from real world examples of customer experiences that have been improved by digital channels and then demonstrating how applying the same principles to your business will provide a positive return on investment.

Once you have leveraged the power of data to show the advantages that digital can bring your customers experience and bottom line, you will have matured enough to start investing in digital talent and culture.

These selected guides will give you the answers you need to tackle the challenges ahead.