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Digital Maturity Assessment Results

Your answers indicate...

You’ve persuaded the business, now you must invest in digital talent and culture!

Journey map

Where you are today

You have matured beyond the persuading phase. This means that there will be acceptance at the top of your organisation that to remain competitive you must invest in digital strategy.

However, your senior marketers will struggle to keep up with the pace of digital change and are hampered by a siloed digital project mindset. At this level of maturity you are an organisation that invests in digital slowly and the further down the organisation you move the more weary your colleagues will be about digital adoption and its potential impact on their working lives.

So, how do you lay the cultural groundwork for an evolved structure that allows digital to flourish?

Your next steps

It is time to stop just doing digital, and start being digital, by turning your attention to the digital operations and culture that exist inside your organisation.

Begin by nurturing the digital culture that already exists and strengthening it by breaking down barriers and silos to a point that it is supportive and complementary to your strategic ambitions. This will allow you to then assess the digital roles and structure you are need for future success.

Once you have a strong digital culture and a full complement of digital capability with the right a mix of internal and external talent, you will have matured enough to focus on becoming customer obsessed.

These selected guides will give you the answers you need to tackle the challenges ahead.