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Digital Maturity Assessment Results

Your answers indicate...

You’ve made the internal investment, now focus on becoming customer obsessed!

Journey map

Where you are today

You have matured beyond the need to invest. This means you have built a strong digital culture, with a digital capability that includes the right a mix of internal and external talent required for the speed of your market.

However, as a business you find it difficult to move away from internal directives like “promote this product,” rather than listening to your audience and making products people want. You know who traditionally buys from you, but the complete journey, and wider addressable market is unclear.

You know your digital culture has improved, and digital is very likely referenced as a solution to meeting your organisational goals, but it is common that at this level you don’t have a clear roadmap that shows how digital will get you there.

So, how do you ensure culture and strategy are aligned to market oriented outcomes?

Your next steps

It is time to become customer obsessed, by viewing your business from the outside in.

Begin by listening to the customer view of your organisation. This will allow you to develop the internal empathy with your audience that is required to collaboratively ideate solutions that focus on solving customer problems.

You can use this mindset as the foundations for creating a a market oriented, digital first strategy. One that shows how digital culture, operations and just enough technology will enable your business to leverage digital to meet goals.

Once you have clear understanding the world you are creating for your customers and a plan to get there, you will have matured enough to being improving your digital attribution, tracking and modelling.

These selected guides will give you the answers you need to tackle the challenges ahead.