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Digital Maturity Assessment Results

Your answers indicate...

You’re customer focussed, but you need to improve attribution, tracking & modelling!

Journey map

Where you are today

You have matured beyond the need to focus. This means you have clear understanding the world you are creating for your customers and a plan to get there.

💡 If this is still a challenge, we have guides on how to focus on becoming customer obsessed too.

At this level of maturity you will most likely have a digital experience platform or equivalent custom technology stack in place. This has led to an appetite for further success, building on the foundations you have created through improved operational agility and ability. There is now a desire to capitalise on the inherent accountability of digital, to drive efficiency and learning, as you aspire towards omni-channel nirvana.

So, how do you grow improve the measures and create an early warning system for new trends and shifts in customer needs and expectations?

Your next steps

It is time to strengthen the measures that inform business thinking by improving digital attribution, tracking and modelling.

Begin by understanding the different media that affects your customers at different stages of the journey. This will enable more accurate planning and limiting waste. Then you will be able to pull together pan-organisational insights to map, track and unify your customer experiences across all of your channels and critical touch points.

Once you have improved the measures and have a clear understanding of your multi channel customer experience, you will have matured enough to begin expanding the influence of digital into other areas of the business.

These selected guides will give you the answers you need to tackle the challenges ahead.