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Update for clients

Our Coronavirus plan

17th March 2020 - Communication to all Redweb clients

Client management

The close working relationships we have with our clients is an important element of the work we do and our overall offering. We’ll be doubling our efforts to make sure that we maintain a high level of communication and service as we go through this inevitably difficult period.

We will be keeping a close eye on government advice, however as a Digital agency we are set up to best navigate this period. Subsequently:

  • During this period, we may ask to meet via video conference and voice calls at times where a meeting in person might normally occur. We will always put the safety of our staff and our partners first and foremost. With this in mind, we ask for understanding when we need to arrange virtual meetings.
  • Where necessary we will look to set up Teams groups for clients to participate in avoiding email trails and delay.
  • Client Directors and Project Managers will be on the usual channels: Mobile, Email, Teams as normal.

Redweb Support

Redweb has a dedicated phone number for Support clients to contact the team directly (01202 778866). Calls to this number will be re-directed to a Support mobile number and handled by that. Then from late morning Tuesday 24th March, calls to this number will be handled on Microsoft Teams, meaning the Support team can answer calls from anywhere as long as they are online.

Advice for Clients

During this time we appreciate your company will be initiating their own plan to tackle the virus for the foreseeable future. However, we wanted to reiterate some important points which may affect you if not actioned:

  • If you are looking to implement ‘Remote working’, please ensure you provide us with all appropriate IP (so they can be whitelisted)
  • If possible, please provide us alternative contact details as required i.e Mobile Numbers etc.
  • If available, please provide us with your contingency plans as a company. i.e working from home, alternative contact if people go ill.
  • We are happy to give advice and support your colleagues if they are unfamiliar with software etc.

Please, let us know if there is anything else we can do to minimise the effect the virus may have on your operations.

Remote Work Protocols

As the numbers of those infected have been rising exponentially very quickly in the UK Redweb has decided to take a phased approach to working from home as of Tuesday 17th March. The decision is based on:

  • The assumption that most of the population will contract the virus.
  • The infection statistics are no longer accurate as less are being tested.
  • Protecting vulnerable people that Redweb employees come into contact with.
  • Mitigating against all Redweb employees becoming ill at once.
  • Maintaining the highest level of operations during the most acute phase of infection in the UK.

Tuesday 17th March

All employees outside of Delivery, QA, Development and Front-End Development will work from home until further notice.

Wednesday 18th March

Delivery and QA will work from home until further notice.

Development and Front-End Development will remain at Redweb.

Thursday 19th March

Whole agency works from home until further notice.

Redweb’s Holdenhurst Road base will remain available to employees and clients where required.