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Needless to say, the way we go about delivering digital brilliance has changed a lot since we started out 18 years ago. But our dedication to employing the best people and challenging ourselves remains constant.

Our user-centric approach means we achieve your business goals by creating the best experiences for your audience. We do this through the perfect balance of commercial nous, creative flair, meticulous testing and technical ingenuity. This makes for websites that look great, work brilliantly, and deliver for users and businesses alike.

Designers round a table


Don’t be fooled into thinking creative is just about the final aesthetics. It goes way deeper than that, which is why our approach is based on in-depth research, strategic thinking, and exploiting the best tech. We design user journeys and experiences by talking to your audience and bringing their emotional and psychological connections with your organisation into your digital presence. This holistic approach influences everything we do – from overarching, cohesive styles that perfectly embody your brand, to your tone of voice and the subtlest usability and visual nuances. And by iteratively testing and asking the right questions as we progress, we ensure our sites look amazing and perform brilliantly based on your KPIs.


Our solutions always focus on the long term – making an immediate impact and then sustaining the results for years to come. We plan for this by conducting scrupulous research with your stakeholders and audience, and aligning the findings with your business goals.



Innovation is in our DNA and courses through everything we do – in our work, in our thinking, and in our play. By consistently challenging ourselves to find new ways of using technology, we break down barriers, create cutting-edge solutions, and pass savings onto our clients.



We believe in making things better through collaboration at all times – and our offices are built to actively encourage that. This can range from corroborating with your stakeholders, to workshop sessions with your customers or interdepartmental brainstorming and scamping in our studio. We love sharing ideas with the wider digital community too.



As a solution-agnostic agency, we can work with pretty much any platform or content management system (CMS), customer relationship management (CRM) system or underlying technology – and our diverse experience means we can help you pick the best tech to meet your goals, at the best price.

Project management tailored to your needs


This project delivery method follows a delivery framework where we work through each of the phases sequentially to deliver an entire solution. It’s focused on identifying and defining requirements in the early phases – working closely with you to structure these into a solution that meets the needs of the business and the user. We then set about work designing and building the solution to the agreed technical and visual design in development and testing iterations. It works really well for clients with multiple stakeholders in complex environments with a reasonably clear vision of how they see their solution working.


Agile has the same goal in mind as the iterative approach, but is implemented slightly differently. Rather than focusing on defining and documenting everything before any code is written, the project is defined and refined though a series of sprints. We start with Discovery and Scoping phases, including User Stories workshops, where we look at the solution from a user perspective to inform the site build. You’re involved every step of the way and can shape the project as it evolves. Switching the focus from documentation to ‘doing’ means we see results more quickly by producing tangible and testable products that evolve as the project progresses.


Our major strength is our people – but they don’t always have to be based in Bournemouth. If you need to expand your in-house team, we can provide specialists in areas such as UX, security, strategy and front end development to supplement your existing skills base. We also successfully deploy fully vetted and supported build teams, working either in client premises or external locations to take on set projects. To read more about the services we offer in-house and onsite please have a look at our in-house services page.

David & Sean


Our Redweb Labs division gives clients and staff the chance to explore, experiment and excite in the digital space. This part of the agency has its own dedicated team, who work year-round on projects that push the limits of the latest technology.

The aim is to test and share new ideas, skills and techniques with the wider agency and our clients – showing off what we can do through actions and not just words.

Most Innovative Digital agency Econsulting Winners 2011 & 2012