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Redweb hosts Google I/O Extended event

On Wednesday 18th May Redweb hosted a Google I/O Extended event to bring the local agencies and developer community together. 

There were many Google related fun activities throughout the day as well as the livestream of the main keynote presentation from Google. The social media conversation was buzzing during the event and Redweb’s storify page is filled with photos and insights from the day. 

Make Test Iterate

Google believe that 2 hours of play can be worth 1000hrs of engineering, when they made Google Glass, it was prototyped in just 45 minutes and refined through countless paper and plastic models. This is why the first activity of the day was Make, Test, Iterate – a paper hat prototype challenge. The hats could have been relevant t0 Google I/O, celebrate what the participant loves about Google or a prototype of something from the next generation of wearables. 

Google pub quiz

Redweb also held a Google pub quiz, where there were Google I/O prizes up for grabs! The event attendee’s gathered around with a beer in hand for an hour of quiz questions – and this time phones were allowed! The quiz rounds consisted of a picture round – where everything began with the letter ‘N’ in homage of the next Android update, a video round, Google maps and streetview round as well as an Andorid round.  

Quick fire presentation session

There were 10 speakers each with 20 slides and they were allowed 20 seconds per slide in the quick fire presentation session. They were tasked to create their fast-paced talk on “18052016” - the date for Redweb’s Google I/O event but they could have a different meaning for others. The audience were entertained with talks ranging from 18,052,016 days of communication, Haikus, self-driving cars, a day in the future filled with Google-y goodness to squad numbers and some random pale green things from Flickr!

Google keynote

At 6pm the attendees tuned into the Google keynote presentation that was live streamed onto the big screen.  Redweb’s Head of Innovation, David Burton, was on hand to document the biggest news from the event in a sketchnote.  

Google I/O review from Myriam Joire 

Unfortunately tech expert Myriam Joire was unable to attend Redweb’s Google I/O Extended event, but she documented her thoughts on the Google and Android updates for us, see video below to hear all about the new Google releases in less than 10 minutes!



To view more photos from the day have a look at our Flickr album.  

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