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Redweb supports BIMA's D-Day

Redweb will join 60 other UK agencies on 10 October in supporting Digital Day – an initiative to spread the word about digital career paths to schools and their students. This is a nationwide event organised by BIMA, the UK body that represents the digital and interactive industry.

Digital Day (or D-Day) involves each participating agency sending staff into a school on 10/10. These employees will help students to tackle digital challenges, provide insight based on professional experiences, and raise the awareness of career opportunities within the industry.

Redweb is paired with two schools for its part in the event: Avonbourne School in Bournemouth and The Purbeck School in Wareham.

With more than 1,800 pupils taking part, D-Day is shaping up to be one of the largest UK digital agency events ever. Redweb CEO Andrew Henning, who heads up the education committee at BIMA, is the driving force behind the initiative. He has been working for 18 months to make Digital Day a reality.

He says of the event: "The current high levels of youth unemployment and the pessimism of young people towards their future careers in very concerning. I work in an industry that struggles for talent. Many people see digital as something they just use and not something they can shape and work in; we want to change that perception."

"We want to raise awareness of our sector and help to meet the increasing growth demand digital agencies will face over the coming years. With 4G, the cloud, 2nd screen and an increase in mobile services, the digital space will remain very buoyant. To ensure the UK remains an industry world leader, we need to encourage enough young people to choose a career in digital."

For more information, visit the BIMA D-Day website: Facebook page:

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