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Redweb Content Digest: Tech titans and social media slurs

From augmented reality developments and social media put-downs, to tech titan clashes and GDPR headaches, this week had it all – check out our favourite stories.  


Poundland gets sassy on social media

You can never be too careful on social media. Whether it’s Old Spice, Taco Bell or good old Tesco Mobile, there are plenty of brands who will rise to the bait if someone dares to drag their name through the dirt. As a strategy for awareness and virality , it can work pretty well. 

It doesn’t work quite so well when it’s seemingly by accident. That was the case when a Thameslink employee tried to acknowledge its service was “less Ferrero Rocher and more Poundland cooking chocolate”. Poundland got wind of the tweet and clapped back with this terse response:

The offending tweet was removed – and we’re sure they won’t be doing it again.

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Apple takes aim at Facebook

In amongst the ‘Memojis’ (God help us all) and screen time management features announced at WWDC, Apple made a bold move to give users more control over their data. 

Safari will now directly ask whether users want to be tracked while browsing, with Facebook being called out in the demo. Of course, it’s not just Facebook – the feature could have a knock-on effect for Google, too – but we’d hazard a guess that the functionality will be well-received in the wake of the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica data breach. 

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Lego harnesses ARKit 2

Lego has a reputation for being an innovative brand, but this year it’s upping its game. Soon enough, you’ll be able to bring your bricks to life with augmented reality. Simply build the physical structure and interact with it using an AR app. You can then and set about creating your own AR city, playing along with three other people.

It’s a pretty cool marriage of digital and physical worlds (please can we not make ‘meatspace’ a thing), and could set the bar for physical toys and models in the future.

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Credit: Apple

When you just don’t want to deal with GDPR…

Ah, GDPR. It’s been two weeks since the legislation came into effect and the stories keep coming. Rather than allowing individuals to control how their data is used (or not), some websites have simply opted to not allow EU users to access them at all. Not the controls. The entire website.

That some websites and internet services are now inaccessible because of a greater emphasis on user privacy is quite outstanding. At best it denotes extremely poor planning and at worst, can leave users questioning just what the hell is being done with their data. 

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That’s all for this week – leave us a comment if we missed anything. We’ll be back next week with another collection of content news and stories. 


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