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Redweb Content Digest: Contemplative campaigns and VR advancements

It’s June already and the content stories keep rolling in. This week sees Snapchat finally acknowledge Facebook’s shameless feature-stealing, another leap forward in VR development and a poignant campaign from CALM.


No more nausea in VR?

One of the barriers for some users in virtual reality is motion sickness. This is largely attributed to motion blur and motion-to-photon latency (the time needed for your movement to be reflected within the display).

Fear no more. LG has partnered with Sogang University in South Korea to develop a deep learning algorithm (stay with us) that quickly upscales low-res images to high-res in real time. That reduces the load on the hardware, as well as reducing the motion blur and latency by ‘one fifth or less’ of the current level. Win!

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Image courtesy of Oculus

Snap’s Spiegel makes a suggestion to Facebook

From stories to stickers, it’s no secret that Facebook has been relentlessly copying Snapchat’s features for some time now. Throughout, Snapchat has remained quiet on the matter. Until now.

Evan Spiegel, Snap Inc’s CEO, took the opportunity to suggest that perhaps the social media giant should copy Snap’s data protection practices too. Snapchat 1, Facebook 0.

Spiegel went on to say he took it in his stride – Snapchat’s innovations were so good that all Facebook could do was copy them. If imitation is the highest form of flattery, we’re inclined to agree.

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#ArcticHotspot campaign 

While we’re on the subject of Snapchat, WWF France hit upon a unique way to engage users on the subject of climate change. 

The foundation harnessed the Snap Map feature to create a ‘hotspot’ (pun presumably intended) in the Arctic. Users who interacted with the area could then see snaps and videos showing the effects on wildlife and, importantly, the actions they could take to help.

Check out the video below:


CALM gets men talking

Mental health and wellbeing is increasingly becoming a topic that famous faces are willing to lend their support to. Just recently we highlighted the #MentalHealthMinute and this week we stumbled across a great video by Campaign Against Living Miserably – a charity to prevent male suicide.

Featuring former footballers Rio Ferdinand and Jamie Moralee, the two share jovial and fun stories. That is until the interviewer gives them a direct instruction that inspires a poignant couple of minutes. 

The simple set-up keeps the conversation front and centre, beautifully illustrating how beneficial it can be to talk openly and share experiences. 


That’s all for this week – leave us a comment if we missed anything. We’ll be back next week with another collection of content news and stories. 


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