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Redweb launches UX Lab & Creative Suite

Redweb didn't let the weather rain on their parade last week and what a parade! As the digital industry geared up to celebrate World Usability Day, Redweb celebrated the day with the launch of their new bespoke UX Lab & Creative Suite.

Following a growth in demand from clients for their User Experience offering, Redweb went on the hunt for a suitable space to service these needs. Six months ago the hunt was over, the space was found, a shiny red building in the heart of London perfect for customizing. After a 'Changing Rooms' experience, the space was transformed into a Lab and launched with a bang. The event 'Creativity & Canapés' welcomed many of Redweb's clients and partners, allowing them to learn more about user testing and of course have some fun; guests couldn't help play around with their highly addictive chroma cam game showcased on three 22" iMacs.

The Lab boasts three main areas to accommodate qualitative research and collaborative working. The first, a user testing lab; the second, a comfortable, relaxed and informal observation room complete with plasma TV and one-way glass allowing clients to have an unobstructed view of tests as they take place. The final area is an open space designed specifically for collaborative working, such as stakeholder workshops or audience focus groups.

If you want to learn more about Redweb's UX offering or using the Lab contact:
Sales t: 020 7336 8424 e:

Check out the night's footage.