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When thoughts turn to beer

Mon 20 May 2013

I think about beer a lot. Judging by my Instagram stream, maybe too much. I live 1 minute and 55 seconds from the best pub in town. It's quicker on the way there than it is coming home. It's a wonderful place, and I now have a 'locals only' loyalty card.

But sometimes even that doesn't seem close enough. Imagine if you could pour yourself a beer, without leaving your favourite chair and without lifting a finger? Imagine using the power of your mind to pour a pint, literally having your thoughts turn to beer!

Pouring a pint by pondering

All you need is a brain wave monitoring headset, a visual display, a wifi network, an electronics kit, a solenoid valve, 40 pints of pressurised home brew and a willing and thirsty accomplice who's capable of a little coding magic.

My collaborator, and drinking buddy, John has written an excellent post on how we put these things together and eventually got them working.

Brain powered pints

Brain beers

We set up the final system in all its working glory, on a Friday afternoon to make things easy. Surely everyone would already be thinking about beer as the weekend draws close? But would concentration be too difficult after a long hard week of work?

Here's a video clip of our first pint being poured

And a few photos:

Brain powered pints

Brain powered pints

Brain powered pints

Brain powered pints

Brain powered pints

Concentration and consumption

So now we've cleaned up the spillages, recharged the batteries, replaced dodgy wiring, and washed up the empties. Furthermore, we've already started brewing a new batch of work brew (this one's going to be called Restless Curs'r) so we can 'think about beer' all over again.

Brain powered pints

Brain powered pints

Leave a comment, or send me a message, if you'd like to come in and give it a go.


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Here's a photo montage from a fantastic day at TedxBrixton, where we helped over delegates pour over 100 pints of beer with their brains.

Head to Head at TedxBrixton

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