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Headlines, deadlines and bottom lines... they're all here

Welcome to our fount of digital wisdom, where we shine a Maglite on what's going on in the industry, around the office and in the dark recesses of our minds. Dive in and feel free to add a comment of your own.

  • Thu 17 Jul 2014

    Talking to Computers with Sound

    Redweb labs have come up with a prototype called the Blaze UV Key. In this blog Sean Tracey talks about the techniques they considered using and how they got the data from the sensors into their phones.

    Written by Sean Tracey

  • Fri 11 Jul 2014

    Making The Not-So-Good Samaritan

    A new short film which represents the spoils of some quick-fire planning and collaboration to create our entry for DepicT!, a filmmaking competition that challenges entrants to create super-short 90-second masterpieces.

    Written by Tim Newbound

  • Mon 23 Jun 2014

    Blokker – a Drupal/Lego mash-up

    Teams 4 and 5 were tasked with the very first of Redweb’s 2014 team hack days. The brief was to collaborate on a hack project that best reflected the expertise of both teams, which resulted in building a website using lego.

    Written by Francesca Moores

  • Tue 03 Jun 2014

    Swift Migration

    Head of Development Wayne Rowley talks about the news from this year’s Apple Worldwide Developer Conference. An event that is always exciting for fans of Apple as the elusive and secretive company announces with a fanfare what they have been working on for the last year or so, and what the next ‘big thing’ is going to be.

    Written by Wayne Rowley

  • Tue 27 May 2014

    Account management – service not sales

    Account Executive James Walls explains all about the free account management available at Redweb and a quick rundown of the services clients should expect.

    Written by James Walls

  • Thu 01 May 2014

    Just our type - The first Commercial and Redweb Labs co-produced project

    Account Manager Abbie Cockram talks about the first Commercial and Redweb Labs co-produced project of 2014 and explains the thought process, execution and the big reveal of 'just our type'.

    Written by Abbie Cockram

  • Wed 09 Apr 2014

    Good Karma and a Great Conversion Rate

    User Experience Consultant Amy Blackwell talks about conversion rate optimisation (CRO) to help encourage more online donations for Action on Hearing Loss.

    Written by Amy Blackwell

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