Redweb launches new UX lab and creative suite in Bournemouth

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Redweb launches new UX lab and creative suite in Bournemouth

Insights from research and user testing have always been at the heart of Redweb’s award-winning website designs. That’s why we’re delighted to have launched a new, state-of-the-art user experience (UX) lab and creative suite at our Bournemouth head office.

Complementing a similar facility launched in London in 2010, Redweb can now offer a choice of regions in which clients can benefit from the agency’s user testing and research expertise.

There are three main areas of the Bournemouth suite to accommodate qualitative research and collaborative working.

First is the lab itself – a warmly decorated, inviting space in which users from a client’s target audience can test websites and website prototypes in a controlled but comfortable and relaxed environment.

The lab enables Redweb’s UX practitioners to work through test scripts with users on a range of devices and screen sizes. These scripts are designed to facilitate the tracking of specific behaviours, enabling Redweb to deliver insights on how different features of website designs and prototypes can be tweaked to deliver enhanced performance.

One-way glass facing into the lab allows clients to watch tests in progress from the second area – the adjoining, informal observation room. From here, clients can also see users’ on-screen activity and how they navigate around a site, via a feed to a plasma monitor.

The third area – an open ground-floor space surrounding the lab and observation room – is perfect for welcoming clients and any guests who have been invited to take part in tests. Brand new and featuring kitchen and presentation facilities, it completes an innovative, self-contained and first-class user testing and collaborative working space.

Redweb successfully conducted its first user testing project at the lab in mid-August for retirement property developer McCarthy & Stone.

Redweb CEO Andrew Henning said: “We look forward to doing some great work in the new UX lab and creative suite. Research and user testing is integral to what we do at Redweb, and I’m delighted with this top-notch addition to the other excellent facilities we have here at our head office.”