Redweb - Redweb's innovation shortlisted for 3rd year running

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Redweb's innovation shortlisted for 3rd year running

Redweb is delighted to have been shortlisted again for the Econsultancy Most Innovative Digital Agency of the year for the 3rd year running.

Having first been nominated in 2010, we were crowned winners in 2011. Hence, as holders of the award, we're delighted to have impressed the judges again to make the shortlist.

David Burton, Head of Innovation at Redweb commented "It's fantastic that we've been recognised again. Each year we work hard to move our innovation offering forward and need to demonstrate the improvements and new ideas we have made to the judges. Given time pressures and project work obligations, it is great that Redweb continues to be committed to pushing the boundaries and trying to look at things in different ways. I believe we've done more this year than ever before and involved, not just staff, but clients and our wider community".

An example of our activity includes hack days, of which we did 6 in 2011. 48 hours of teamwork to conjure a crazy idea. They've changed our staff's mentality, added energy and allowed expression.

The hack results are amazing; we've tackled numerous issues, with solutions such as room booking via mobile, knowledge sharing using Xbox Kinect and bolstering our green credentials; think Wi-Fi waste-bins creating lovely infograms.

However, last year's game changer was getting paid for hacks (yippee!). Our clients have clocked the benefits, and in September we hosted our first client/Redweb event. A well known blue-chip supplied the team and did the challenge - pizzas et al. The results are confidential but when they are finally announced, they won't disappoint.

Our internships continued with Bournemouth University and we welcomed students throughout 2011. Notable work includes mashing Twitter with Instagram, to make an app that creates tartan from a recording of your voice! This work follows on the heels of Chroma Cam and big screen/small controllers which received much acclaim.

Other links with academia include talks and participation within degree courses. This spreading of the inno-gospel also extended to speaker platforms at Picnic Festival and the Media & Innovation Conference.

For younger students, we mentored a local school to victory in the No10 Big Society Awards and the BIMA Digital Challenge 2011. The project involved mentoring the older community to use the internet.

To broaden our staff attitude to creativity and visual thinking, we organised screen printing and life drawing classes. All staff were invited and the courses were a big success. They brought people together in the creative bubble.

Our commitment to the digital/arts community of Bournemouth continues with Meetdraw and new ventures such as Show & Tell: a platform for local creatives.

Innovation at Redweb is key to our success and we maintain a vision to put it at the heart of the agency.

The winners will be announced on the 23rd February at the Park Lane Hilton in London.